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Strategic Financial Planning

Wealth Management

What is a Financial Plan?

“A roadmap.” “A compass.” “An instruction manual.” Numerous analogies can be invoked to explain the importance of a financial plan. The plan sits at the heart of how Round Table manages your assets and guides the recommendations we make. The plan in turn is guided by everything we learn about you. Your goals, your circumstances, your worries and ambitions, and your stage in life are all important inputs to your financial plan. The output of the plan should be targeted to achieving goals and mitigating risks as sensibly and strategically as possible.

To maximize the robustness of your financial plan, we can partner directly with your CPA, attorney, or estate planner, or refer you to one that we recommend.1 Coordination across all of these disciplines enables us to weave the various aspects of your financial life into a coherent and harmonious whole.

To assist in the development of a holistic financial plan, we have developed a web-based software system around Round Table’s proprietary “Keep It Simple Financial Plan” methodology. Learn more about the KIS Plan technology here.

Budgeting and Goal Setting

We know you’ve worked your entire life to build your assets and become financially stable. Understanding your needs and personal financial goals enables us to meet your objectives.

Retirement Planning

Everyone has their own unique vision for their retirement. Your vision becomes the foundation of our process; we will walk on this journey with you.

Tax Planning

Many people overlook the advantages the tax law provides in lowering their personal taxes. We use comprehensive strategies that include tax-efficient investment portfolios, tax diversification, tax rate awareness, donor-advised funds, as well as many others.

Estate Planning

Families are typically unprepared for the departure of a loved one. Preparation can prevent loss of assets and turmoil within the family structure.


  1. Round Table may refer clients to MJH CPA, LLC. MJH is owned and operated by James Hershberger, who is affiliated with Round Table. If accounting or tax clients of James Hershberger are in need of financial planning or other advisory services, James Hershberger, acting in his separate capacity as an accountant, can refer or recommend investment services available through Round Table. He is compensated for clients he refers to Round Table if he continues to have an active role in their financial planning and consulting.

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