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"Keep It Simple"
Financial Planning Software

Our purpose-built solution to financial planning complexity.

Keep it as simple as possible...but no simpler.

A professionally crafted financial plan involves complexity. Yet the plans produced by many commercially available software systems include such a vast quantity of detail that they can be overwhelming to clients—and maybe some advisors! This can cause “paralysis by analysis,” making it difficult to prioritize a plan’s action items. To overcome this problem, Round Table’s founder James Ahlschwede developed the “Keep It Simple Financial Plan” (“KIS Plan”). This methodology encapsulates an actionable financial plan without the bewildering clutter.

Round Table is so confident in the KIS Plan approach that we created our own proprietary software system. The KIS Plan website captures vital information about our clients in a more efficient manner than was possible for us using off-the-shelf software products. This enables us to focus on:

  • Opportunities to orient clients’ finances toward the realization of their goals
  • Potential problem areas
  • Sensible, achievable action items for us and our clients

We can manage all of the information ourselves, or clients can log in and adjust their goals, concerns, budget items, etc. for themselves. A few snapshots of features in the KIS Plan system are shown below.


KIS Plan Budget

Household Balance Sheet & Income Sources

KIS Plan Balance Sheet

Financial Goals & Concerns

KIS Plan Financial Goals

Retirement Planning Basics

KIS Plan Retirement Planning

Accessibility Toolbar